Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The adrenaline rush!

Hi everyone... and thank you to Mary for being so patient with my whacked-out giddy self that I asked to join this blog yet forgot to send her my email addy. *hangs head in shame*

Just a quick hello since Fate has decided that the start of my very first NaNo adventure wouldn't be complete without inflicting not one, but TWO sick kids on me - heh. So inbetween administering cough suppressant and cold compressed to feverish foreheads, I wrote me about 2000 words tonight. *beams*

Good luck to my fellow WriMos, and may your Muses work overtime for no extra pay, and leave you a few cookies too.


PS My NaNo name is MadyV, but it's showing my blogger name as momsie564 since I already have a blog here.


MaryK said...

I am in awe. After 12.5 hours mostley at my desk I've only managed to grind out 1382. sigh.

momsie564 said...

Awww... Listen, it's mostly crap, LOL. It's not the quality, it's the sheer quantity that counts right now, so just unloose those fingers and let them go! ;)

Dreaming again said...

HEY where are you all from?
I'm oklahoma I just got started myself. Just put in a barely start with 486 words.

My nano name is Pearlsanddreams ... funny, that's the name of my real blog too ;) such an original.

momsie564 said...

I'm just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada. :)