Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Off and writing ..and now to bed!

I stayed up ... to midnight, to get started. I just had to do it that way!

I was SO touched by my husband's show of support! He went to bed, a very exhausted man after having started back up at therapy today. 2 hours of physical & respiratory therapy! 3 hours if you include travel time! He went to bed at 10 pm, and set the alarm for midnight to get up and give me a good luck kiss!! How lucky am I?


My word count is only 486 ...but's 486 to the start.

I've put the exerpt on my page on Nano ...

So, anyway to bed for me ... tomorrow we go pay some bills and are going antique shopping to buy some blue willow china for a muse for me.


momsie564 said...

I stayed up too! It was so exciting to watch the laptop click over to 12:00 and start typing on that blank document (a little intimidating too, I might add). I was absolutely exhausted after dealing with 2 sick-ish kids (one is on the mend and back at school, the other one is coughing away upstairs *sigh*) and Halloween stuff, so I crashed after just one hour of writing... you can do it too!

Hope the blue willow "speaks" to you, in a totally non-spooky way of course (hmmm... now THERE'S an idea... ;))

dzineprof said...

Well done! I never made it to midnight. I fella sleep around 11:30 so I missed it. i did manage to get up early and write today. I hit 1865 words and am quite pleased. I could go on, but the rest of the my life is calling me to get off my ass and do some work. Ah well. Tomorrow is another day... *grins*