Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Housekeeping: Sidebar Stuff

Since I don't have enough to do, I went ahead and added some links to our roster on the sidebar. For those with more than one blog (in addition to this one), please either
  1. Let me know via comments or email which blog you want linked to, or
  2. Go to the setup page and do it yourself, if you're HTML gifted (or have read HTML for Dummies, which is all I've done.)
I also added "2007" before NaNoWriMo in the header. Like I said, I need a life. Then again, as of tomorrow I don't think I'll have the time. Then yet again, I might very well find myself doing it instead of writing. This stuff is addictive.


MaryK said...

Yes, I've burned many a day tweaking my blog and website instead of writing.

Remember the impulse to 'just fix this' is your enemy.


Monotreme said...

I don't think I have permission to edit your html.

My blog is

It doesn't get many posts added to it during November. I use up all my available words NaNo-ing.

I am writing a few hundred token words at midnight, just to celebrate. Then I will be out to the coffee shop at 8 am local time (evening to you in Oz) to do some major writing. My goal is to get in 5000 Thursday and 5000 Friday then do personal stuff over the weekend.

Amy said...

Hi. I don't see a way to edit your sidebar either. You can link my username to

Thanks! You're the #1 Dinosaur :)