Saturday, October 27, 2007

My NaNo Novel ...

My NaNo info ... On NaNo ... I'm Pearls And Dreams (surprise surprise surprise!)

I've named my Novel
Willow's Bridge

And it will most likely go into the young adult genre ..we'll see.

My fingers are itching for November 1st to get here brain is panicking that it will actually coming.

My 'plot bunny' is growing ... and desires to be fed.

I have names of the main characters, basic temperments. I have not figured out what the mentor of THE main character is going to be, however. The idea's are endless.

One that is popping around my brain is ... her father is a doctor ... and part of me wonders if maybe, her mentor, might could be one of his female partners in his practice who takes a shine to her.

????? hmmmm

AHA! Thanks to yakking to a friend on IM I've got the mentor's character nailed down. She will be a neighbor, but not sure how close by. She will be a homeschooler with several children. Their home functions in a loud but rhythmic almost orchestrated purposeful organized chaos. Yet, everything gets done, when it's supposed to and no ball gets dropped, although, every ball seems like there is no way it could possibly land where it should. Cassandra will some how get caught up with this family that is so vastly different from hers .... and the mother will take her on as a mentoring project.

This mother will help her to find the path of the bridge away to safety within her own heart matter what chaos is errupting around her.

OOOOOOOOOOO I can't wait !!!

I'm not sure of mentor's name
I have a couple ..all classics
or Elaine ... Elaine is the one I'm leaning for.

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