Saturday, October 27, 2007

first post

Ok, so I have no idea if this will go over or not.

Just thought, since the message boards are so slow, I like the support system, cheerleader type mentality of the built in support ... I'd make my own (hopefully 'our' own) NaNo blog!

So, I've invited DP ... and I would have invited Dr. Dino, but didn't have his email address. Not sure what other of my regular blog friends are participating ..but ... We can use this blog to cheer each other on, ask for support, get help with plot lines (or in my case ... grammar *grin*) or in general ... screaming about being behind.

Join the fun!!!!!!!

If you want someone specific to join ...let me know!



MaryK said...

Hi P&D, I'm all set to go. Thanks for inviting me to your space.


Dreaming again said...

Hi Maryk ... I need an email address to add you to to the blogger so you can post ...


that's how they do it. Welcome to my corner of the blog world!

tk said...

Well, you know I'm all over this . . . ;o)

As for Dino, just leave a comment on the musings blog . . . that should do it!

So please, add me!

Dreaming again said...

Did you get your email?????

MaryK said...

Yeah I did P&D, however, it bounced back saying it was a no reply.

So you can contact me through my website.

Maybe then I can reply.

Dreaming again said...

where did you send it to?

or Pearlsanddreams?

I have to have an email address for blogger to send the request to your blogger to invite you, and I don't find an email address on your blog .... oh wait, just found one ...let me try this......duh

MaryK said...

No I sent it to

I took a punt it was wrong. Hopefully it's sorted now.

Dreaming again said...

ooooooooooohhh didn't think to check mmy yahoo email address! (I do have one ...jjust don't remember how to check it! it is pearlsanddreams)

we could have still gotten there from here ... just not with me in an ambienized state of mind.

Either way ... YOU ..may now POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Just waiting for ms Tk to accept invite and SHE can post as well!!