Thursday, November 1, 2007

2620 words of ambiguous dialogue

It's late evening here in the USA, and I'm realizing that this morning's output is going to be all I get for today.

That would be 2620 words, enough to keep me on track but far from the 5000 I had hoped for.

That first passage pretty much wrote itself, but it's mostly silly dialog. The protagonist wakes up in a hospital, disoriented and hurting. There's a lot of two people talking past each other as he struggles to figure out what is going on. I'm amusing myself with a lot of inside jokes (he craves Chocolate Mousse, and a character named "Moose" is going to be summoned instead) and my Inner Editor is screaming, "that's not funny, it's just stupid".

Pardon me while I go adjust the duck tape on the Inner Editor's mouth.


momsie564 said...

Thow him in the closet, while you're at it (the Inner Editor, not your main character). He can join mine - he's the one in the full-body cast, behind the mukluks and cross-country skis. ;)

Dreaming again said...

my inner editor is screaming as well.
I'm wondering if my writing is too 'deep'. I know that I can go and lighten it in editing in December. I can take what I've written, as Dr. Dino said, and copy and paste it to other appropriate places ... but ... I feel like I opened my book with a bomb!

Now I can't figure out if I should lighten it, or keep going. The writer in me says keep going.

The PATIENT in me (with an eating disorder myself) says STOP!!!

and the instructions say to keep going and stop editing.

that's 2 to 1 that say to keep going (how bad is my grammar on that sentence? YIKES!)

So, I'm up at 12:30 with a migraine and my computer's contrast at 45 ... having taken Frova, Darvocet (my normal pain meds for lupus) and Ibuprofen ... and I'm wondering if I'm going to be able to write ... wishing I had some torodol or phenergan ;)

Who knows maybe migraine writing will be good writing ... if I stop posting here and actually WRITE!

Dreaming again said...

Well, it's 2:05, ice pack to the neck seems to have relieved some of the headache..a bit... I've written some more ...I hope it's real writing not junk.

I've got 3102 ...progress anyway.

dzineprof said...

Wow! Well done everyone! I've taped my inner editor's mouth shut too. Damn editor made me re-read what I wrote yesterday and I fixed some things. *slapping my hands* No more of that for me!

And congrats on the word counts. You should be really really pleased. I consider myself lucky to just get to the daily minimum of 1667.

Keep going! Yay!

momsie564 said...

I've been doing that too, but no more. Well, except maybe for changing that one character's (who is a chef) specialty cuisine from "continental" to "Asian", to better fit the theme of my novel.

That's not REALLY editing, that's just being clever, right? RIGHT?? ;)

Monotreme said...

My sorta-rule is that I can go back and delete/edit a sentence or two, maybe a paragraph, but no more.

I do this only when I find myself writing a sentence that has no grammar, or a plotbunny that is stillborn.

I smacked the Inner Editor in the face with Momsie's xc skis. He's moaning, but I can't hear him over my iPod.

Anonymous said...

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