Monday, November 12, 2007

I got a widget too.

I liked DA's widget, so I got one too. Call me a copycat.

wordcount widgets


Nurse K said...

When I input stuff into the widget, it just says "you suck" as a response. Thanks, widget.

Dreaming again said...

You, do not suck!

That is so unfair! Why does it tell you that you suck?!


Aside from rude widget makers opinions ....

How are you doing Nurse K?

Nurse K said...

Well, I suck. I have been working my ass off and between that, being a single mom, doing housework/errands, and seeing friends (rarely), I barely have energy to write. I'm too far behind, I think. Right now, I feel like a zombie woman and 14,010 words, which is very far behind the goal.