Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Won

I did it.

Today I was getting so close, I just pushed ahead and hit the 50,000 mark. The thing is, though, I'm only about 60% through my story. My intention now is to forge ahead and finish the darn thing. I've gotten into the habit of forcing out about 2,000 words every day. Even if I settle for less (which I feel I can, now that the pressure's off) I have every intention of finishing this story. Then I'll let it sit while I work on the one I put aside; when that's done, it'll go on "sit" while I come back to this one.

And the best part is that -- once it's all revised and polished and proofed; a process that's going to take considerably longer than a month -- I think I even have a place to submit it.

So come on, everyone; if I can do it, pretty much anyone can.


monotreme said...

Dino, would you be willing to write me at agileroxy (at) gmail (dot) com ?

I want to touch base with you on several things we have in common.

If you're up for a manuscript swap, that might be "fun" also, especially if yours is actually called The Phlebotomist.

Dreaming again said...

Congratulations Doc!!!

Dreaming again said...

I hit 40k today. I'm confident I can hit the 50k ...I started this weekend at 32k, behind because of the infected finger. My normal pace had been at least 2k a day.

It's going to take a bit of concentration, and I won't have the lead I'd planned, but I will be able to finish.

Emily said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome. :)

momsie564 said...

Congrats all!

dzineprof said...

Whohoo! I love writing all of these congratulation messages. Well done! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!