Friday, November 2, 2007

Word Count, Etc.

8,032 words have been written. So many more to go...

I fear I will not have enough material to reach 50,000. I will have to add to each section I've already written and add to the outline in general. I'm kind of panicking, actually, since I really want to "win" NaNo.

My hardest section is coming up. I'm nervous to even write it... but I must write it anyways.



momsie564 said...

Hi Emily, awesome word count for day 2, congrats!

I don't know if this will help you, but I felt much the same way about a particular scene in my novel too. I REALLY didn't want to write it at all (it's still kind of vague in my mind as to why I feel that way...) so what I decided to do is to just skip it and write the next section (leaving a marker with the words "Annie and Michel talk in the car" in the appropriate spot). It worked out really well; it unblocked me and allowed the words to just flow today. I'm feeling so confident I think I'll attack that section tonight!

Hope this helps you. :)

Monotreme said...

I agree with what Momsie said: you have an awesome word count, and you just keep plowing ahead.

I find that in the 10K range, I have introduced my characters and set up the basic conflict (yes, the classics: man vs man, man vs nature, man vs himself) and then I hit a stall as the characters take over the narrative and finish it for me.

momsie564 said...

I broke through that blockage. It's still absolutely execrable prose, stilted, wordy and dull -but hell, the two characters are sitting in the back seat of a car arguing while someone else is driving them to a mystery location... they can't just jump out and cause mayhem, so I'm kind of stuck with the situation.

Or maybe I can? Hmmmm...

Anyway, my point is, I got through it, and have now cracked 8700 words. You can do it too!! *hugs*