Friday, November 2, 2007

Good morning, novelists!

*downs more caffeine and pries eyelids open*

Is everyone ready to tackle their MCs, antagonists, plot swerves and plotbunnies today?

I wanted to share a small epiphany with you (or maybe, it was just one of those wonderful coincidences that happen when one's creative spirit is working in overdrive):

At midnight on Thursday morning, I sat down to start my novel. The first scene involves a group of Japanese tourists (including my MC) standing in front of a cathedral and taking pictures. I was describing the scene (it's a real place in my home town) and I needed to describe a row of copper statues of saints located at the top of the cathedral. The MC focuses on one in particular and describes it in detail... but what saint is he?

Not wanting to stop writing to do research, I used the first name that came to mind... Saint-Andrew.

Yesterday, as I got ready to write again, I decided to look up Andrew to see if there were any other details of his life I could incorporate into my novel, and found this:

His feast day is November 30, and he's the patron saint of Scotland.

It's amazing what kinds of cool tricks you end up performing sometimes, isn't it? So on November 30, I'll celebrate the end of my first NaNoWriMo and raise a glass of my favourite Scotch to you all (and to Saint-Andrew, patron saint of my first novel). ;)

What cool/interesting/nifty/downright freaky coincidental things have you discovered through writing your novel in the past few days?


Monotreme said...


I had already decided to name one of my main female characters "Moose" when one of those silly writing challenges came up on the forums: "Write a scene where moose rape is made illegal."

Well, I can do that.

Dreaming again said...

That is awesome.

I had one of those coincidences with my books as well.
I had wanted to name my mc Cassandra. I was concerned it was too 'fluffy' or 'trendy' of a name.

I also wanted the names that I chose to have meanings based on characters personalities (even though that won't be mentioned in the book)
So, I did reverse searches based on meanings. I needed the name for my main character to be 'dreamer'.

The only name for a female that came up was dreamer ...Cassandra!

momsie564 said...

Awesome! *claps*

I'm glad to see I'm not the only person who wants to give her characters' names a particular meaning. Many of mine are Japanese, so I spent a few days prior to Nov 1 researching Japanese girl and boy names and chose them with the characters' personalities and plot lines in mind. It helped while away those pre-NaNo days and alleviate the jitters!

Was moose rape ever legal? Hmmmm.....

Monotreme said...

That's the challenge, Momsie. I'll see if I can dig it off the forums and post it here.

Monotreme said...

Here is the "I Dare You" challenge from the LitFic forum.

LiquidTheBrit wrote:
I dare someone to have a chapter detailing why moose rape was outlawed in whatever country a character from. Or, if moose rape IS legal, a chapter mentioning various happenings that would give moose rape a reason to be illegal.

BP if a main character is somehow involved.

DBP if it's not in any way humourous.

There are some great ideas in this thread that may help with a nasty case of writer's block. I find "I Dare You" one of the best techniques for getting over writer's block, so we may even use it here if needed.