Tuesday, November 6, 2007

How Do You Back Up?

Backups are absolutely essential, as we all know (some more to our dismay than others.)

I have multiple backups: I write (and save -- frequently!) on the hard drive of my machines at work and home, with the addition of a thumb drive that I use to take it back and forth. (I do "save as" onto the thumb drive when I'm done with a session.) Then I also print it out on paper (switching it all to single space, to save paper; with my other WIP I also convert it to a font size of 10; it's just backup; I never really have to read it; besides, I'm still pretty ok with tiny print.)

I've also thought about uploading it to the web somewhere. I do have a couple of websites I could "park" it on, but so far that seems like a little too much trouble. Perhaps I could also copy it into a blogger post that I never publish (just "save as draft") and then delete afterwards, but I'm not sure a post can hold that many words. Besides, even though I've had relatively little trouble with it, I've read that Blogger can be unreliable.

What other backup methods do you use?


Nurse K said...


You can upload up to 10 files to this password-protected website for free. It only takes a few seconds to upload the word docs and you can just delete old copies as you go so you have 10 copies or fewer. I just keep the website open on one of my Firefox tabs at all times so I'm reminded to do it every once in awhile.

For some reason, my computer threw a hyper spazz when I tried to save to a CD-Rom and I have no floppy disk drive nor stick drive.

Pearannoyed said...

you could also email a copy to yourself, or upload to Google documents. Google docs has the added benefit of being a word processor so you can add a few lines on the free computer at the library or coffee shop or a friend's house when you're there.

Emily said...

I back-up my novel on my flash drive and also on Google documents. That way I'm covered in two places if my computer decides to fry itself, or I manage to somehow fry it myself.

Dreaming again said...

Thankfully, I emailed myself a copy on a whim.
Don't know why, just did.

10 minutes later, I accidently deleted 650 words!!!