Saturday, November 3, 2007

8,714 words

and barely one afternoon has gone by in my novel's time line.

I was worried about my story being too flimsy for a full-blown novel. Now I'm starting to wonder if I've crammed too much into the plot (characters, side plots, exposition) and will end up with a monster I can't finish.

Anyone having this problem?

I should also say that I've thought about this a bit, and realized that the first 50 or so pages of any novel are the "set-up" chapters, where we meet everyone and become introduced to the action of the story. I'm so used to writing short stories, where this is condensed into a few paras, that maybe I'm just over-reacting to the length of this section, but it all feels really "introductory" to me still.


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Trira said...

honestly i think that the more info you give the readers, the more interested they will be. I tend to be very detailed oriented in my writing. but that's just my opinion. :)