Thursday, November 1, 2007

Off and Running

I got off to a later start than I had hoped to, so I've only got about 1000 words at this point. But, I'm ahead of what I had done at this point last year. I'm trying to be conscious of being more descriptive of my setting, letting the reader see, hear and smell...well, since my first scene is in a hospital room I may leave out the smell part, lol! I don't have much to do tomorrow or Sunday, so I should be able to spend some quality time at the computer!



Meg said...

You're TOTALLY putting me to shame. I'm 1 day in and I have 1906 words. I'm already thinking with the basic plot that I'm starting it's more of a short story then a novel/la so I need to think tonight.

Congrats, you're doing great!!!

Nurse K said...

5091 words on Day 1 thus far.

Who wants to touch me?

My 7-year-old son got laryngitis/fever today, so I called in to work with an ill child and he didn't need me to entertain him very much because all he wanted to do was hang around on the couch. I did some major writing and coffee drinking, let's just say.

It doesn't hurt that I can type like 120 words per minute and had chapters 1 and 2 pretty much written out in my head...Now, I will most certainly slow down because I only have a moderately vague idea of how the rest of the story will go.

I don't have to work tomorrow either, so I'm going to totally kick all y'alls butts kung-fu style. I'd probably have the whole novel written, except for I have a home appraiser coming out at 10 am and felt obligated to steam clean my carpets and de-pigstyify my house for some reason.

Onward I go with cleaning the house....

momsie564 said...

Holy doodle, over 5000 words? I'm impressed as heck (and I had a sick kid at home too, but one who isn't sick and needed constant rides to and from places). Look out though, I'm only 1K words behind you and comin' up fast... ;)

Nurse K said...

Essaye de m'attrapper!!!

momsie564 said...

You're on!

Now 5,552... et toi? ;)

Nurse K said...

5,698 en ce temps-la (a la fin du premier jour)

momsie564 said...

Maintenant 7416 mais je dois arreter pour l'apres-midi (mes enfants ont ramenes des amis pour souper). Je me reprendrai ce soir.

Good luck!

PS J'ai inclus du dialogue en francais dans le roman - ca m'aide a ajouter des mots puisque mes caracteres doivent ensuite tout repeter en anglais. ;)