Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I just got to 10357 words! Past the 10K mark!

How is everyone feeling about the stories they are writing. I'm surprised at how I'm feeling about mine. My subplot is flowing easily, the main plot, a bit harder. Overall, it's not as difficult as I feared, and I think I have a real story going.

That, scares me. If I think it's good, is it really any good or am I just fooling myself? Or ...is it really good?

I realize that at this point, it doesn't matter and it's better for me to think it's good and keep going.

Physically, I'm struggling a bit. My eyes and hands aren't taking too well to this. So, I'm not able to write like I wanted to. So pacing myself has become manditory. I've decided that it is better to go slow and steady and by the pace than to try and race through it and be done before deadline and burn out and not get done.


momsie564 said...

I know what you mean about the hands. My wrists are sore from the unaccustomed exercise too. :(

Take lots of breaks, look away from the screen as often as possible during the thinking/writing process, and drink lots of water. These have helped me when I've been captured by an idea/scene and HAVE to finish it!

Good job on the word count!! :)

Nurse K said...

People tell me, generally (ie on the blogs), that my writing is "funny" "entertaining" etc, but I can never determine the degree of quality myself. I'll think something sucks and someone else will tell me it's brilliant.

Right now, I'm thinking my story pretty well sucks after a witty start. I'm at 8000 words only after a really fast start. I may be a casualty in this endeavor, but I have a long weekend coming up in which to catch up.

Emily said...

I'm feeling pretty good about my memoir so far. (hey, that rhymed!) Anyway, I'm at 14,696 at the moment and am still writing. I'll stay up for another half an hour and then I'm going to bed.