Saturday, November 3, 2007

Day 3 and less than 24 hours

Well, I'm at 5332 words.

Day 3 has about 3 oh ..4 hours left.

Less than 24 hours has gone by in my book.


I am also not able to get to the Nano site. Which, is frustrating, because I want to see my little blue bar and my graph showing my progress.

I'm so glad we have this blog to share with other Nanoites!!

Eeeks, can you imagine if we were stranded on individual Nano Islands without support because the nano site was down? (and I was worried I couldn't write fiction? My brain has gone to the imaginary quite fine ...maybe too fine???)
Today, is the 3rd anniversary of my *real* blog, so I had to write a blogaversary post over there before I could write on Willow's Bridge. I knew if I started on my story the blog post wouldn't get written. Stalling for stalling ... *grin*

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