Thursday, November 8, 2007

How's everyone doing?

Is everyone still writing? Still conscious?

I had my first-ever 5K day yesterday. 2 writing sessions sandwiched in between my theatre class. I found the physicality of acting out short scenes and doing improv helped me visualize the action (such as it is) in my story so much better!

Anyway, off to start working on today's word count...


Dreaming again said...

I'm at a blocked point.

I know I should be writing.
I know why I'm not writing.
The scene is too hard to write ...personally.

I've thought about not writing it ...

but ... it needs to be written or the story won't flow.

so I'm stuck.

momsie564 said...

Try skipping it and writing ahead. I did that with a scene I was dreading, and halfway through writing the next scene, I knew how to start it. So I finished what I was doing and then went backwards to fill in the blank.

Hope it works for you. There's nothing worse than feeling stuck. :(

Dreaming again said...

I was in the middle of it.

I got through it. I knew what needed to be done. It wouldn't have mattered when I wrote it, it would have been hard.

Just one of those kinds of scenes.

I got through it by doing a little here and there throughout the day.

I surprised myself by finding just now that I was at 13,418. Past today's quota and at the end of the scene! YEAH!

Emily said...

I'm alive, concious and writing. :) I'm up to 18,887. To help add word count and expand my book, I am going to be adding in the experiences of some of my friends who are also mentally ill.

#1 Dinosaur said...

Plugging away, targeting 2K/day after catching up at 10K, so I'm not really that far ahead. Aiming for at least one 5K day over the weekend.

I find that 100 word chunks are my magic; I don't have to write 1000 words, just 10 chunks of 100 words. Much more doable. It's been working so far.