Sunday, November 4, 2007

Diamonds and Stones

Like Emily, I am having some frustrations.

As I posted to the "Geezer Clubhouse" thread (when the NaNoWriMo site was working again last night), I got a rejection letter Saturday from an agent I had queried.

It was the dreaded "not my cup of tea" form letter, which of course has no information about whether my a) query; b) sample pages; c) face or d) entire existence is the problem that she has.

I know the slush pile is a drag, but my writing is fun to read. Really. I swear.

On the plus side of the ledger, we just returned from a trip to Boise, Idaho where Roxy (dog, no kids) got a lot of compliments and a qualifying score for herding sheep. That's something we've been working on with varying degrees of success for months. It was nice to see her "doing her job" and not stressing out about it.

That meant, of course, no words Saturday or Sunday. Try as I might, I can't write in the car.

Monday is a bad day for me, work-wise, so it might be Tuesday before I get back to NaNo'ing. I'm having motivational issues since receiving the rejection letter, and I know it's silly, but it not only released my Inner Editor but gave him some methamphetamine to snort as well. He's running through my house, trashing the furniture and making a general nuisance of himself right now.

I know everyone feels like their writing is crap at some point, but usually it's in the 15,000 word range when that feeling hits. I'm just getting it early this year. The odd thing is, I really like this year's story, but then I liked last year's story too, so what do I know?

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momsie564 said...

I'm really sorry about the rejection slip. That's bound to undercut your confidence some. :(

I don't usually give advice unless it's specifically requested, so I'll refrain from handing you any platitudes about re-mounting horses and all that.

I will say that it sounds to me like it might be time to have a stern talk with that Editor though. Isn't he the one who got that manuscript ready for the publisher? Maybe it's not your writing that's the problem, it's the editor?

Just something to think about while you try to find your motivation again. Good luck. :)